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Future Generation International Kindergarten is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in the State of Qatar.
In kindergarten, we adopt the British Macmillan curriculum.
- At the Future Generation International Kindergarten, we care about the Arabic language and Islamic education to prepare an academically distinguished generation, linked to its Islamic and Arab identity.

Advanced educational programs:

Providing diverse and advanced educational programs based on the latest methods and innovations in the field of early education.

Diverse educational activities

Organizing various activities, including educational play, arts, and sports, to promote comprehensive development.

Specialized educational team

The presence of a seasoned and friendly team of male and female teachers who take care of meeting the needs and interests of children.

Continuous interaction with parents

Encouraging ongoing communication between the school and parents to support learning at home and at school.

Jil almustaqbal Kindergarten

Our beautiful kindergarten facilities